Chasing Cinderellea

Chasing Cinderella
Are my sentiments after midnight.
No shoes
Ruffled dress
Loose hair
What a mess.
Pumpkin carriage
Are my oversized thoughts swelling in my throbbing head
No idea
Right wrong
Good bad
Kinda sad.
The clock strikes midnight
My dreams they take flight
Tick tock flip flap
They’re safely out of mind, out of sight.
Fairy dust turns to rust
Enough to make pure lips cuss
Enough to make fairies blush
Hush hush, shush shush.

Moral of the story
Don’t think after midnight.
Sorrow with the glory
Is poetry after midnight.
No prince will come with single shoe
No happy endings, they won’t do
No pumpkin carriage, transforming mice
Real life dear is not that nice.
When midnight comes
Midnight knows
Midnight harvests
What midnight sows.
She hears your cries
Your quiet sobs
Your muffled tears
Throughout your years.


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