A professor of mine told me to quit my Master’s program today, because it won’t take me to where I want to be in 20 years.

To quit, or not to quit.

To get a PhD, or not to get a PhD.

To stay in my country, or study overseas.

I wish I can be great, without the greatness.

I wish I could have the power, without the responsibilities.

I wish someone would just thrust greatness upon me without all the ambiguity, the indecision, the frustration, exhaustion.

I miss being in high school, when completing projects on time were my greatest achievements, and my worries were safely nestled in an immovable, unshakable daily routine. Right now, I’m not even sure if next Monday will be next Monday.

Sometimes, I wish I could just settle for being less: a barista, a barber, a writer, an artist. But there’s a suffering world to be saved out there, children being kidnapped and raped, so…

I keep moving.

I just gotta keep moving.

(At least I’m uncomfortable enough to not want to stay in my comfort zone…wait, does that make my comfort zone my “uncomfort” zone…?)

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