Discombombulated – mental recovery, 7 days.

Sudden impact on my sense of lifestyle-balance, causing me to lose all sense of time, of interest, of the concept of living as a being. Sanity? Afraid not. What is left are shards of insanity, broken pieces of the life that was, shattered glimpses, clotting wounds of relationships that did not mend. One discombombulation can do so much, wreck so much, wrought so much, wrong so much. Do me justice, do me wrong; don’t let this please continue on not for…what?

Tangled mangled crammed discombombulated disillusioned with the dream that passing is a reality…

Colors of shadows that ceased to exist past their expiry date, imprinted in white and black and retina exposed to explosion upon blast upon implosion.

Take cover –




[circa 2011]


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