Activists all

Some might say I’m an activist.

I do work part-time for an anti-human trafficking campaign.

I do hope someday to be a trauma therapist for rescued victims of trafficking.


I’m just a student right now.

So what makes me an activist?

I see that word slapped on those who speak out most fervently on others’ behalf. Stop global warming – activist! Stop human trafficking – activist! Stop abusing animals – activist!

But…aren’t those things naturally abhorrent to the human mind? Is it not normal to want to protect the only planet we have? Is it not normal to want to stop the raping of children? Is it not normal to want to protect animals from having their limbs chopped off as entertainment? What has happened to society so that what is normal has become what is “outspoken”, or “overzealous”? My friend once told me, “Man, what you’re doing is great. The world needs more people like you.” That rendered me speechless. He obviously saw value in the work that I do, and he sees the need in the world, so what brought him to the meager conclusion that the world “needs people like you“? It’s not for me to say that absolutely everyone needs to be involved in some sort of “save the earth” movement, but…why not? It is so easy to ask “Why should I?”, but we barely ask ourselves “Why shouldn’t I?”

Take a moment,

take a breath,

and ask yourself,

“There are so many issues in society, so many things I can do, so why am I not doing anything about it?”

Don’t worry! This innocent question will not compel you to sell all your earthly belongings and go to the starving children of Africa, or take up arms against ISIS: it will simply request an answer from you, one that may make you more human than you are now.

Who knows? Maybe next time someone asks you, “Why aren’t you doing something about it?” You will be armed and ready with your answer,

“Oh, because I’m saving up for a Tesla.”

And you can both have a good laugh before heading back to your “normal” life.


As for me?

I’ll always be an activist, because “normal” means nothing to me.


“If you’re not an activist,

you’re an inactivist.” – Ric O’Barry

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