Heaven’s Bliss

As I entered Heaven’s gates

My heart overflowing with joy

When of a sudden an angel approached

And spoke thus to me;

“The Sovereign Lord

With duties abound

You will not immediately see.

So take a seat,

Or take a walk,

Enjoy the feast,

Eat all you please.

Enjoy Heaven’s bliss!”

With mute queries my mind unrested lay,

I joined the growing multitude, happy in their play.

Yet in my mind a gnawing desire

To behold my wondrous Sire

Drew me farther and farther,

From the crowd towards the Father.

How can I enjoy Heaven’s bliss

Without the presence of Heaven’s true bliss?

I lingered lonely at the castle door

While a distance away

The dancing throng shook the floor.

I must be honest

I had hoped for much more

Than trivial dancing, eating, feasting, or…

I burned with passion to once and for all

Gaze with unveiled eyes at the One I adore.

Long and long did I stand alone

At God’s empty castle, hoping for joy complete.

Passersby did sway my will

To dance and run and swim in waters sweet;

But I…I needed to be still.

If eternity be what eternity be,

I shall wait upon my Lord.

An eternity passed

(I know not how fast)

When a whisper reached my ear;

“My child, my child,

For whom do you wait

From year to blessed year?”

With tears aflow,

From anguish or fear, frustration or grief,

I replied, eyes burning, heart hot,

“I wait here in quiet

I wait here in trust,

For eternity long if I must!

I wait for my Lord, my Savior, my friend,

My bridegroom, my King, my God!”

Then great laughter roared

From horizon to horizon;

The mountains shook

In melodious unison.

The air itself laughed with its Creator

The waters ignited with joy for its Maker.

“You have not waited in vain,

My son, my dear;

For Heaven was designed

For saints such as thee.”

In the echoing reverberations of God’s pleasing laughter

All superficial happiness seemed but mindless chatter.

As I followed my God to unspeakable joys,

All created things began to fade and dim;

Oh, how my heart panteth for Him!

Oh, my soul, my soul,

How worthy was your wait!


[circa 2012]

© David Lui, 2017. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to David Lui and Shore of Sanity with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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