The madness begins

I am me.

You are you.


if we somehow manage to see the world from each others’ perspective

I can be you


you can be me.

In other words, this blog/experiment is for me to voice my experiences and emotions, and in doing so, perhaps connect to you in some unfathomable way. You will find such eccentric attractions as random thoughts, spontaneous sentiments, emotional rants, poems, and even the occasional short story. I guarantee no safe haven in this blog: on the contrary, you will hear my maniacal laughter, see my saline tears, taste the bitterness of my life through these words, these symbols of human communication. Enter at your own risk.

So hold my hand, and as I guide you through the forest of my mind, I’ll hug you close if you start to scream in fear – the monsters may not be real, but we are.


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